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   Sinodata Consulting (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (Sinodata Consulting) is an independent consulting firm based in Beijing, China, focusing on the energy, chemical, plastics and process industries, advising both international and local companies on the nature and means of doing business in China.

   Sinodata Consulting's strength as a corporate advisor is built on a pyramid composed of knowledge, industry experience and international sophistication. Sinodata Consulting's staff not only have advanced degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, and/or other process industry related disciplines, but actively maintain this core competency through a variety of in-house, industry and academic related programs. This knowledge base forms one corner of the pyramid. Equally important is the extensive Chinese industry experience our team maintains in our various business segments and areas of specialization. This corner of the pyramid encompasses a fundamental understanding of market and distribution channels, supporting infrastructure and most importantly on "how to get things done" through the labyrinth of Chinese bureaucracy. Finally, Sinodata Consulting is composed of seasoned consultants knowledgeable of global energy, chemical and polymer industry trends reinforced by years of experience working and communicating effectively with Americans, Europeans and a broad range of Asians.

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