Research and Strategy
, Chinese policy and business trends
, Market research and analysis
, Supply/demand analysis and forecasting
, Business feasibility studies
, Market penetration strategies
, Medium and long range strategic planning

Cost of Production (COP) Analysis and COP Benchmarking
, Tracking of Cost of Production for basic chemicals, key intermediates, synthetic materials, etc.
, COP benchmarking between local producers and outside producers

Joint Venture Partner and Site Selection
, Based upon criteria developed jointly with client, suggest joint venture partners
, Assist in venture structuring
, Suggest candidate sites for joint venture operations

Sourcing Assistance for Overseas Companies
, Work on behalf of overseas companies to find Chinese suppliers
, Facilitate and organize supplies from China

Marketing, Sales and/or Manufacturing Advisor
, Advise overseas companies in developing businesses in China

Sales or Manufacturers Representative
, Assist and represent overseas companies in developing businesses in China