We have performed a large number of consulting projects in recent years, either independently or jointly with international consultants. Below is a partial list of studies that we performed or involved in recent years:


list Refining Technology Transfer Service: In assistance of a ME refining project feasibility study, liaise with Sinopec aiming to include various Sinopec refining technologies in the technology selection process of the feasibility study.

list China Bitumen Entry Study: For an European oil company who wish to enter the Chinese bitumen market, carried out a comprehensive bitumen market study. Analyzed the supply and demand of bitumen in the past 10 years, forecast future bitumen demand and market structure. Profiled all key local bitumen producers, bitumen terminals and warehouses.

listChina Coal Supply and Pricing Outlook: In supporting of a large study, developed the Chinese coal supply and pricing outlook for the coming 15 year

listChina Crude Oil Import Facility Review: a review of the existing and planned crude oil importing facility for China

listChina Lube Oil and Additives Survey: Analyzed the market for lube oil and lube oil additives in China.

listChina Natural Gas Opportunity Assessment: Analyzed the opportunities for a major U.S. company interested in natural gas opportunities in Central and Western China.

listChina Transportation Lubricant Demand Analysis: As part of the global study on future trends of transportation lubricant, studied the Chinese transportation lubricant demand pattern. Analyzed the key drivers for demand growth and projected future transportation lubricant demand

listMacau Energy Policy and Planning Study: Participated the energy policy and energy planning study for Macau Special Administrative Region. Provided key regional market information for liquid fuels, power and gas. Coordinated the client meetings between the consultant project team and Macau SAR Energy Policy Working Group.

list Southern China Petroleum Products Market Survey: Assessed the southern China finished petroleum product markets for a European company who wants to build a grassroot refinery in Hainan Island.

listChina Gas Market Study: A western energy company discovered a gas field in South China Sea in joint venture with a stated owned Chinese oil and gas company. The JV partners were making plans to develop the gas filed and commissioned a study to look at the gas market in China in detail with special focus of south China and Hong Kong in order to develop its gas marketing plan. Various outlets for the gas were tested in order to optimize the marketing plan, including LNG, residential, commercial and industrial applications in the accessible market, gas liquids for petrochemical production, etc. In the general China gas market analysis, we studied the gas supply and demand in detail, gas regulations, gas pricing, gas transportation, etc.

listChina CBM Study: For IPO of a CMB company who has operating assets in China, we involved in preparing the industry overview section of the IPO prospectus. The contents include : an overview of the China gas market, an overview of Coal Bed Methane in China, a gas market overview of Shanxi, Anhui & Jiangxi provinces considering gas supply and demand and outline how CBM may compete with other fuels, an overview of gas pricing in China and the expected price for CBM in China.


listChina Petrochemical Investment Strategy Study: participated in a major China investment strategy study in ethylene cracker complex and aromatics, including product screening, regional supply and demand analysis, site selection, joint venture partner selection, industry policy and regulation research, strategy recommendation, etc.

listAcetylene and Derivative Cost of Production Analysis: Studied the cost of production of carbide route acetylene and derivatives in China

listChina Aromatics Market Survey: Carried out a market survey of various aromatics products in support of a aromatics expansion project

listComprehensive Acetic Acid Market Study: in support of a major acetic acid investment in Middle East by a leading acetic acid player, we carried out a comprehensive market study for acetic acid and derivatives for both mainland China and Taiwan. We looked at all major end use applications for acetic acid and acetic anhydride in China and Taiwan, profiled all key acetic acid and acetic anhydride customers, developed a full set of historical supply and demand data for the businesses, and forecasted the future demand growth

listComprehensive Market Study for Proposed Ethylene Complex: For a US based MNC company who is planning a major ethylene JV in one inland location in China, assessed the "Local", "Regional" and "Other" markets in China, studies logistics and freight costs for different means of transportation, and looked into the investment environment in that location.

listEthylene and Derivative Cost Benchmarking: Assisted a Korean petrochemical company in comparing the cost of production for ethylene and ethylene derivatives in China and Korea, advised the company on the strategy in supplying Chinese market in the long term.

listEthanol Market Study: Studied the Chinese ethanol market for a Korean company.

listLinear Alpha Olefins Survey: For a multinational companies who is forming its global strategy for linear alpha olefins, surveyed Chinese polyethylene producers and converters regarding their plans for future production and conversion.

listMarket and Site Analysis: in support of a major strategy study for a naphtha cracking and aromatics investment in China, provided detailed regional demand analysis for olefins, aromatics and derivatives. Developed detailed site information for 4 candidate sites in China.

listMTA (Medium Quality Terephthalic Acid) Utilization Survey: Surveyed existing and potential new users of MTA in Chinese PET industry.

listPetrochemical Competitive Benchmarking: Cost of production benchmarking of olefins and derivatives for leading producers in China

listPetrochemical Market and Competitive Analysis: As part of a major consulting project for a proposed ethylene joint venture in China serving the project financing purpose, analyzed the petrochemical pricing trend and mechanism in China, gathered cost input for local competitor plants for the Cost Competitive Benchmarking, and forecast the trend for regional supply and demand.

listPetrochemical and Polymer Pricing Mechanism Study: Studied the historical pricing of a number of petrochemicals in China and developed future pricing mechanism for these petrochemicals for a multinational company who were planning a major cracker project in South of China.

listRegional Methanol Market Analysis: For an India company who is interested in investing a methanol project, developed the regional methanol market analysis

listStyrene Monomer and Butadiene Purchasing and Distribution: An elastomer producer is planning a production base in South China and we are asked to look at the SM and BD purchasing arrangement and distribution channels in China

list VAM Pricing Study: Studied the VAM pricing in China

listChina MDI Market and Cost Benchmarking Study C a PE firm is interested in investing in a leading MDI producer in China and commissioned a study looking at the global and China MDI market and cost benchmarking study. As part of the study, we researched the demand drivers for MDI in China. A due diligence filed visit was paid to the leading MDI producer in China which allowed us to model its cash production cost of MDI. We compared the cash production cost of this leading Chinese producer with other China and international MDI producers

listChina Isocyanates Market Survey C this study was done during the global financial crisis period, aiming to assess the impact of the crisis on the demand for MDI and TDI in China. A key area is to understand the domestic demand versus export demand for isocynates such as impact of the furniture export drop on the demand for isocynates, etc. Future demand trend is also analyzed

list China MDI Market Study C This market study looked at the MDI (including PMDI) capacity, supply and demand for historical and future years, MDI and PU product trade flows inside China, associated freight cost for moving MDI and PU products in China, etc.

Polymers, fibers and rubbers

list China Calcium carbonate filled polyolefins market study: for supporting a potential compounding investment in Middle East, Sinodata assisted in assessing the Chinese market for calcium carbonate filled polyolefins for China in film and sheet, blow molding and profile extrusion, injection molding, extrusion coating and fiber, etc. For comparison purpose, Sinodata collected investment related information for setting up the compounding facility in an east China location. Leading local calcium carbonate suppliers, local calcium carbonated filled polyolefins compounders and local end users are profiled.

list MAH grafted polyolefins and MAH grafted EPR/EPDM study: Through primary and secondary research, Sinodata estimate the supply and demand of MAH grafted polyolefins and MAH grafted EPR/EPDM in China. Demand was broken down into tie layers of multi layer blown film, tie layers of rigid structures, and modifiers. Key local suppliers and toll compounders are profiled.

list Detailed China EVA market study: in support of publication of a global EVA report, Sinodata gathered EVA market information for China. EVA demand was broken down into high VA content EVA, Mid-range VA content EVA, Low-range VA content EVA and very low range VA content EVA. Demand was also broken down into processes, including film, extrusion coating, injection molding, compounding, wire & cable, etc.

list China Polyolefins Elastomer Study: Four products were included in the study, Ethylene propylene rubber derived from EPDM, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) compounds, in-situ TPOs and thermoplastic valcanizates (TPV). For each product, we looked at the overall market including grades, end users, growth drivers, key consumers; key local and offshore suppliers, import volumes, pricing and pricing mechanism.

list Distribution Pallet and Industrial Package Marketplace: Sinodata studied the distribution pallet and industrial packaging business in China with emphasis on its export potential.

list China SBR and BR Market and Competitiveness Study: Developed the Chinese SBR and BR capacity, supply and demand forecast to 2015; Modeled the Cost of Production (COP) of Chinese Leader and Laggard SBR and BR plants.

list ABS Market Survey: Carried out a market study for ABS in China serving a client who sells intermediates for ABS manufacturing.

listPPS and high temperature nylon market study: as part of a global study for PPS and high temperature nylon, provided detailed China market data.

listAdvanced Polymeric Material Market Study: Assessed the advanced polymeric materials market in China for a major European company.

listButyl Rubber Market and Technology Review: Assisted a study looking at the butyl rubber business in China.

listChina and Taiwan Ethylene Copolymer Study: Studied the China and Taiwan ethylene copolymer markets. Products covered are EVA, EAA, EMA and EEA, etc.

listChina Polyethylene Study: Comprehensive China polyethylene market study focusing on end use segmentation and future demand drivers for a multinational company

listClear PP Market Study: Carried out a detailed study for Chinese clarified polypropylene markets with focus on the Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets.

listCoating Resin Market Survey: Carried out a detailed market survey on one of the key coating resins for a US based multinational company who plans to invest in China.

listDetailed China Polyolefins and Styrenics End Use Application Analysis: A multinational chemical company retained an international consulting company to study the interdependence of China and North America polyolefins and styrenics markets with a focus looking at demand drivers for polyolefins and styrenics and impact of China finished products export on North America demand. Working as the subcontractor of the international consulting company, we studied the end use applications and demand drivers for polyolefins and styrenics in China, assessed the export potential for various finished products made from polyolefins and styrenics.

listEmulsion Polymer Technology Benchmarking: technology benchmarking of leading emulsion polymer producers in China

listEPDM Market Study: Studied the supply, demand and pricing of EPDM elastomer in China

listEVA Market Study: Several studies on the Chinese EVA markets and end users.

listHDPE/MDPE Marketing Support: Provided marketing support for a company who wanted to supply HDPE and MDPE to Chinese market from its JV in Middle East. A key HDPE and MDPE fabricator and trader list is provided for the client.

listNon-Continuous PET Industry Survey: For a company who wants to set up a PTA plant in China, surveyed the rapidly developing non-continuous PET chip industry in China

listNylon Flock Market Survey: For a European based company who was planning a Nylon downstream investment in China, analyzed the Chinese market.

listPC and BPA Study: For a foreign company who wanted to set its PC plant in China, studied the PC and BPA markets in China

listPET Polymerization Feasibility Study: Carried out a feasibility study for a PET chip manufacturer in China

listPlastics Packaging Film Market Survey: For a US based company who wish to enter the Chinese specialty packaging film market, evaluated the Chinese plastic packaging film business.

listPolyolefins Market Survey: Performed a number of market studies for polyolefins in China.

listPolymer End User Survey: In order to assess two Korean petrochemical company's position in the Chinese markets, carried out a survey among their major polymer customers in China. The study results were used as basic input for the assessment of the merger between the two Korean companies.

listPolyester Fiber Spinning Economics: Studied the polyester fiber economics of leading Chinese polyester fiber producers

listPolymer Sourcing Study: For a leading global compounder, carried out a major China sourcing study. One type of products involved is polymers, including ABS, acetal, PMMA, Nylon, PC, polyester, PEI, PE, PP, PS, etc.

listPU and Intermediates Study: Carried out several studies on Chinese polyurethane and intermediates markets.

listRegional Polymer Demand Analysis: For a Chinese company who is setting up a major ethylene complex, developed the regional demand for all downstream polymers. Products covered include LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, SBR and SBS.

listRegional PVC Market Analysis: For an India company who is interested in investing a PVC project, developed the regional PVC and methanol market analysis

listSBS Feasibility Assessment: Evaluated the feasibility of a proposed SBS joint venture in China.

listSite Selection for MDI/TDI Investment in China: Evaluated more than a dozen sites in China for a major West European company who wants to have a major investment in PU product Chain. Screened sites as part of the selection process and coordinated negotiations with local Ministry for a major European company.

listSpecialty LDPE Market Study: Carried out a market study of the Chinese specialty LDPE market

listSpecialty Styrenics Market Survey: Working as the subcontractor for an internationally known polymer consultant, surveyed the Chinese specialty styrenics markets in China.

listTechnical Due Diligence: For an investment bank who wish to have equity investment in a petrochemical company in Guangdong province, performed a Due Diligence on the PET, PS and PET film plants in Southern China.

list  UHMW HDPE Market Survey: As part of a global study, surveyed the Chinese UHMW HDPE markets

listPhenolic Resin Siting Study C A phenolic resin producer is interested in setting up a production facility in North of China and commissioned a study to compare the various chemical industry parks available in North China. After looking at the customer base of the business, four provinces in North China were selected for the analysis. We gathered a list of available chemical industry parks in the four provinces, then we research into a number of key parameters for all the parks, including the availability of skilled labor and services by the chemical process industry, availability of land for long term lease or purchase, availability of utilities (power steam, natural gas, etc.), waste discharge allowance and on site waste treatment facilities, key raw materials supply situation for each park, availability of bonded logistics areas in the park, transportation logistics for raw materials and finished products, preferential policies for investment, etc. After interviewing the parks available and gathering all information for all sites, we developed a matrix to compare the sites and finally one site is recommended to the client for further investigation and negotiation.

Specialty and fine chemicals

list China antioxidant and light stabilizer study: in support of a global plastic additive study, Sinodata survey the Chinese antioxidant and light stabilizer market. We profiled all Chinese suppliers, estimated their supply to the local market as well as export to other markets, studied the imports of antioxidants and light stabilizer to China, and provided pricing information for the past five years.

list Textile Dyes and Textile Chemicals Study: As part of a litigation support service, profiled the leading Chinese textile dye and textile chemical companies including Dymatic Chemicals, Hangzhou Jihua Chemical, Zhejiang Longsheng Group, Zhejiang Runtu, Zhejiang Transfar, etc. ֯ȾϺͷ֯ѧƷоĿΪһ֧Ŀһ֣йȵķ֯ȾϺͷ֯ѧƷ˾˷ооĹ˾ݼ㽭ʢ㽭㽭ȡ

list Acrylic Acid and Acrylic Ester Market Study: For a foreign company who are considering a joint venture investment in China in the acrylic acid chain, carried out a comprehensive market study to look into the long term supply, demand and pricing of acrylic acid and acrylates in China.

listAcrylate Cost Benchmarking: As part of a global acrylate cost competitiveness study, we assisted our partner consultant in analyzing the cost competitiveness of selected Chinese companies. Information gathered for the cost analysis including capital investment, raw material consumption, utility consumption, labor cost, overheads, environmental burden, etc.

listAdditives Sourcing Study: For a leading global compounder, carried out a major China sourcing study. One type of products involved is Additives, including fillers (Kaolin, Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Clay, Silica, Silicate, Mica, Barium sulfate, Graphite), flame retardants (Antimony oxide, Alumina, Magnesium hydroxide, Halogenated Flame Retardants), glass fiber, carbon fiber, plasticizers (Phthalates (DINP, DOP), Polymerics, Phosphates, Adipates, sebacates, azelates, Epoxies, Trimellitates), extenders/process oils (petroleum), extenders/process oils (vegetable), stabilizers (UV and other), anti-oxidants, lubricants (acid lubricants, metallic stearates, complex esters, waxes, amide waxes, paraffinic waxes, polyethylene waxes, mineral oils, silicone lubricants, silanes, polyol lubricants), blowing agents (azodicarbonamide , etc.)

listBDO Pricing Study: gathered the historical BDO pricing in China and analyzed the pricing mechanism of BDO in China in the recent past

listColorants and Pigments Sourcing Study: For a leading global compounder, carried out a major China sourcing study. One type of products involved is Colorants and Pigments, including various dyes, various organic pigments (Phthalocyanine Pigments, Azo Pigments, Naphthol Pigments (and other azo types), Azo metal salts, Isoindolinone Pigments, Quinacridone Pigments, Aluminum Lake Pigments) and inorganic pigments (Weatherable MMO, Iron Oxides, Ferrites, Ultramarines, Heavy Metal Pigments, and TiO2).

listComprehensive Acrylic Monomer Market Study: For a multinational company, we carried out a comprehensive Chinese acrylic monomer market study. In this study, we looked into all the important applications for acrylic monomers in China and developed for each application the key end users, their historical demand for acrylic monomers, their future demand outlook, etc. Based upon detailed analysis of all the important applications, we developed the overall demand projections for all acrylic monomers. The applications we studied in detail include acrylic fiber, adhesive and sealants, anti-oxidants, architecture coating, detergent, industrial coating, leather chemicals, oilfield chemicals, paper chemicals, plastics additives, radiation curing, SAP, textile chemicals and water treatment chemicals. The acrylic monomers we covered are CAA, GAA, MA, EA, BA and 2EHA.

listDetailed BDO and Derivative Market Study: As part of a major Asia BDO and derivative study, we carried out a detailed market survey on BDO and derivatives. Products covered include BDO, THF, PTMEG, GBL and NMP. For each product, we studied all their end use applications in China in a very detailed way, including developing all end users in each major application. A comprehensive set of information was developed for the whole business chain for China, including all suppliers and end users information, historical and future demand and demand by application, etc.

listGlyphosate Cost of Production Analysis: Studied the cost of production of leading Chinese glyphosate producers.

listHMDA Cost Benchmarking: Cost of production analysis of Chinese HMDA producers.

listMAA and Glycine Cost of Production Analysis: Studies the production economics of key Chinese monochloroacetic acid and glycine producers.

listMethylamines/DMF market Study: Studied the Chinese methylamines and DMF markets

listPE Catalyst Study: Trough surveying the Chinese PE catalyst producers and users, developed comprehensive information on Chinese PE catalyst business. This was used by the client for developing its global strategy for its PE catalyst business

listPesticides and Intermediates Cost of Production Analysis: For a US based multinational company, analyzed the Chinese cost of production of a number of pesticide raw materials and intermediates.

listPP Catalyst Study: Surveyed the Chinese PP catalyst market.

listRaw Material Sourcing: A European specialty chemical company is interested in building up a plant in East China to supply its customer base in Asia. We helped them in looking into the raw materials supply situation in China for their proposed plant. With success of this practice, they provided a long list of raw materials that they wish to source from China for their production bases in Europe and US. We helped them to identify sources of supply for these raw materials according to their requirements for quality, quantity, expected prices, etc. This enabled them to source several of their major raw materials from China with much lower prices and strengthened their cost position in the market.

listRaw Material Sourcing: Provided market information for a specialty chemical company who wish to import chemical raw materials from China for its production bases in Europe and US. For more than a dozen raw materials, we provided for each product the key Chinese producers, their capacity and technology, actual production volume, export capabilities, etc. information. The purchasing manager of the company then had face to face discussions with the potential suppliers in order to source from China.

listRaw Material Sourcing: For a specialty chemical company who intended to set up an anti-oxidant plant in China, looked into the supply of key raw materials for the plant.

listTechnology Transfer Assistance: For an Indian company who wish to set up a sweetener plant in India, carried out a comprehensive survey on the Chinese sweetener producers and researchers, recommended two companies/research institutes for the Indian company for technology transfer and assisted negotiations for the technology transfer.

listTextile Chemical Market and Cost of Production Study: For an India-Belgium joint venture company, carried out a market and cost of production study of the key Chinese producers of several key textile chemicals.

listTMA Market Study: Detailed market survey of TMA and TRIMS for China, looking into local capacity and supply, import and export trade, detailed demand by application, etc.

listToll Manufacturing Assistance: A specialty chemical company is interested in sourcing one of the key raw materials for its plastic additive production from China and wanted to identify a local chemical company for toll manufacturing of this. We carried out a survey to potential candidates.

Fertilizers and inorganic

listCoal Gasification Based Ammonia/urea and Derivatives Project Due Diligence: A global industrial gas company is interested in investing in a world scale coal gasification project in China and Sinodata Consulting and its international partner were hired to do a complete technical and commercial due diligence on the project.

list Ammonia/urea Retrofitting Project Feasibility: a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Chinese chemical company would like to retrofit its fixed bed gasifiers with advanced gasifiers to supply its ammonia/urea plant. Sinodata Consulting and its Alliance Partner IHS Chemical were hired to study the feasibility of the project.

list China STPP Study: Studied the supply/demand and export potential for STPP

list Chloro-Alkali Market Study: Studied the chloro-alkali market in China for a multinational company.

listClay Additive Market Study: Three types of clay additives were included in this market survey. They are organoclays, silica based synthetic clays, and aqueous system compatible natural clay.

listEMD (Electronic Manganese Dioxide) Market Study: Market study of the Chinese EMD industry and assessed its export potential

listIron Oxide Market and Production Cost Study: In this study, we looked at the iron oxide supply and demand in China, developed production cost for leading iron oxide producers in China

listMelamine Cost of Production Analysis: Analyzed the cost of production of leading Chinese melamine producers

listMelamine Technology Evaluation: Assisted an international consulting company in assessing a Chinese melamine technology for a potential buyer in Europe

listMelamine Market Study: Several market studies looking into the market of melamine in China, including melamine supply by producer, melamine supply and demand balance, melamine demand by application. Forecasted the future melamine market in China and Chinas melamine export potential for the future

listSalt Export Potential Study: Performed an opportunity analysis for a North America company interested in exporting bulk industrial salt to China.

listSTPP Market Study: Evaluated China's STPP market for a company who is wishing to source STPP from China.

listUrea Market and Pricing Study: Carried out several studies on the Chinese urea business including market supply and demand, pricing, etc.


listChina Location Factor Study: A European company who is evaluating a $100 million investment in China wanted to have a better idea of the potential capital investment savings for projects in China. Working as the subcontractor of an international consulting company, we surveyed the leading engineering companies and leading chemical and petrochemical companies who have investment experience in China. Recommendation was made regarding potential savings, ways to achieve these savings, precautions for IPR protection, etc.

listChina Scenario Study: To better understand Chinese competitors competitive threats to our client company, Sinodata Consulting is asked to prepare a report to look at the various policy issues that impact China economic growth and various cost elements that have a direct impact on Chinese competitors cost competitiveness. The policy issues reviewed include export incentives, import tariff, currency appreciation, interest rate, etc. The cost elements studied include power, water, raw material, labor, environmental, etc.

listLiquid Chemical Terminal Feasibility Assessment: Assessed the feasibility of liquid chemical terminals in the Shandong province for a multinational logistic company. A major liquid chemical terminal was established as a result of the study

listNickel Alloy Market Study: For a Hong Kong based USA company branch, surveyed the nickel alloy markets in Chinese process industries. Provided a list of key Chinese nickel alloy fabricators to assist the company's sales promotion in China.

listPE Distribution Study: Coordinated the study team for the China polyethylene distribution assessment.

listPolyolefins Distribution Channel Study: a multinational company retained us for a polyolefins distribution study for China. Issues studied including sales channels, sales organizations, technical service, warehousing, packaging types, payment and credit practice, marketing alliances, local bagging, etc. The study results were used by the company to optimize their polyolefins distribution network in China.

list Specialty Resin Siting Study: A Western chemical company who is in the specialty thermosetting resin business would like to expand its business in China by investing in a new facility in North of China. The client hired IHS Chemical and its China Alliance Partner Sinodata Consulting to identify a site for its new investment that will bring long term strategic advantages to the company. We carried out an survey which comprising the following three areas:

        i.          Identify established chemical parks with substantial standing investment in the targeted regions with enough available land. Based on the customer base of the client, we selected several candidate Northern China provinces and then we identified all chemical industry parks in these selected provinces. Then we had a preliminary research on the key chemical industry parks in the selected provinces and generated a short listed chemical industry parks for further research based on the clients need for a nearby Bonded Logistic Park.

       ii.          Collect relevant data about the prescreened chemical industry parks so the client can evaluate the optimal plant site for its investment project. Information we collected about the shortlisted chemical industry parks include availability of required land; availability of skilled labor and services typically required by the chemical industry; availability of power, steam, natural gas, and other utilities; availability of waste water treatment and other waste treatment facilities; tax policies and preferential tax breaks; port facilities; liquid chemical terminals and storage tanks, etc.

      iii.          Identify merchant suppliers of key raw materials and their proximity to target sites. For all required raw materials, we prepared the capacity, supply, demand and trade for China so we can fully understand the availability of local and import supplies of raw materials and potential suppliers.

 list Petrochemical and Related Logistics Development for Tianjin China: a PE firm is looking at participating in a bulk liquid terminal and storage project in Tianjin of China and commissioned a study to assess the outlook for refining and petrochemical development in Tianjin area and need for bulk liquid terminal and tank facilities in Tianjin. We developed information and data for answering the following key questions for the client:

        i.          What are Chinas overall plans for refining and petrochemical investment/development in Tianjin area?

       ii.          What are the announced/expected refining and petrochemical plants to be built in Tianjin?

      iii.          Who are the investors/operators for these projects?

      iv.          What are the products and volumes to be produced, and where are they expected to be marketed/consumed and by what modes?

       v.          What petroleum products, petrochemicals, and other derivatives will be required as feedstocks and volumes?

      vi.          Where are these feedstocks likely to come from, and by what modes?

     vii.          What is the required infrastructure to support the investment, e.g. deep sea berths, onshore storage tanks, transfer/loading equipment and facilities, etc.?

list China Chemical Industry Park Strategy Study: an industry park service company is looking into developing a major coastal chemical industry park in North Chinas Hebei province and requested a study for its development strategy. Sinodata Consulting carried out research to support its partner international consulting company in several dimensions in order to determine the best strategy for this industry park service company.

-        Target Chemical Segment identification:

u  Indicate the range of new plants in China (particularly Northern China) anticipated over the timeframe of the review

u  Identify business factors such as the positioning in the relevant value chain

u  Outline the nature of potential investors by generic type, and provide some examples of such companies

-        Business analysis on top 10 selected products including:

u  Market analysis

u  Industry profile

u  Margins in value chain/capital cost/relative cost competitiveness

u  Investment prospects Northern China (number of plants and sites)

u  Key factors for success

u  Profile of six major international players meeting the criteria of major builds in Northern China

l   Size, geographical positioning, value chain positioning, appropriate for China or elsewhere

l   Typical preferences brownfield or greenfield, integration, proximity to end use markets, importance of ports etc.

-        Benchmarking of Leading Chinese Chemical Industry Parks

u  Target Chemical Industry Park in Hebei Province

u  Nanjing Chemical Industry Park

u  Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

u  Tianjin TEDA

u  Cangzhou Chemical Industry Park

n   These will be compared using the following factors:

u  Raw material supply

u  End-user markets access

u  Utility costs

u  Land/labour costs

u  Fiscal incentives

u  Marketing deployment

u  Key differentiating factors

u  Lessons from other sites

n   Based on the above comprehensive analysis, Sinodata Consulting and its international consulting company partner advised its client the strategy for developing a coastal chemical industry park in Hebei province of China.