Sinodata Consulting is dedicated to adding value to its clients' energy, chemicals, plastics and/or other process industry business activities in China, by providing incisive, objective and results-oriented consulting services. This will be performed by maintaining the Pyramid of Strength and driving performance through innovation and creativity

    With the advent of China's entry to the WTO, business growth and opportunities for foreigners in China are expected to accelerate. Some companies, although not all, will be able to define opportunities. However, even with those having some experience in China, initiating and operating businesses - both manufacturing and services - successfully, will be a challenge. During the transition period beginning in 2002, old practices and new practices will be in dynamic interaction - some harmonious, while others in conflict. Those having no prior meaningful experience in China will find its complexity far greater than that experienced in their domestic market or in other developing country markets. Industries tend to be highly fragmented with a mix of private, government owned and "mixed" companies. Government policies, commercial regulations and actual practices may lack transparency and are often in a state of flux.. Moreover, national policies and regulations may not be "completely synchronized" with provincial policies and practices and vice versa. This was clearly the case prior to the WTO agreement, and is likely to continue during the ensuing transition period. Further complicating the conduct of business is the variety of business information and statistics, sourced from multiple governmental and industrial sources, which are often inconsistent, unreliable and difficult to interpret.

   Sinodata Consulting understands the difficulties and challenges companies have faced in developing and operating businesses in China and is uniquely positioned to assist companies facing the transition and long-term challenges of the Chinese marketplace.

    We look forward to exploring the needs of your company and turning your investments into successes.